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At Seal Tech Inc. we take pride in using only the most up-to-date high-pressure cleaning and sealing techniques as well as equipment. Our goal is your satisfaction; with over 15 years of experience, we are the experts you can trust for your next project.

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Finding a Quality Deck Fence & Concrete Sealing Contractor in Scarborough?

When trying to find a contractor for sealing and stain work done on your home you should definitely consider the professional services provided by Sealtech for your next project. Sealtech offers many services such a deck restoration and sealing or staining, so if you need any deck sealing in Scarborough or the GTA consider us for your next project. The range of solutions we provide also extends to interlock & concrete re-sealing services. For those jobs that need some repair work done, we can help with that as well. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we can go over the exact details of your next project.

Most people do not know how to work on their decks without problems, but when you need deck sealing in Scarborough, we can get the job done. A range of options exist for your deck with everything from basic ground tiling to high end custom work for any of the interlock & concrete re-sealing services we provide. You can choose from a variety of styles that can fit in with just about any decor and the available choices are numerous. For people that demand the best quality work the number of options for their deck re-sealing job is considerable.

The deck sealing Scarborough services provided by us are tailored specifically to each client, and with our outstanding customer satisfaction you can definitely trust us. For interlock & concrete re-sealing services we are probably the best and most reliable service you will find in the area. Each person’s situation will be unique and with the number of services we provide you are unlikely to need anything else. We offer everything from general deck sealing work to luxury tiling designed of large homes, and if you have unique needs not covered by these areas we can probably service them as well.

For people that demand the best we can provide that, and based on your exact specifications so the work is done right the first time. Most of our customers are fully satisfied with the work we do and the testimonials support that. We can work personally with you to get your job done on time and exactly the way you want. Many home decks need work done and if you are looking for deck sealing Scarborough contractors in your area we can help. The interlock & concrete re-sealing services and custom deck work we offer means people can get the finish they want at a price they can afford.

Deck Sealing company in Scarborough with a A + rating by BBB

We have a great A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and our customers definitely trust us with their work. The deck sealing Scarborough services we provide allow us to work closely with people in the area so they know that we care about their projects. Many interlock & concrete re-sealing services provided by us come with a warranty that our work will be your exceptions or we will make it right. You can trust us to carefully examine your exact needs and get your job done on time, while providing the type of finish you want on your deck so it looks the way you want.

Most of our customers would recommend us to others for deck sealing Scarborough based services. With our experience in interlock & concrete re-sealing services for small houses and unique luxury residences, we can definitely bring forward a unique look. The deck sealing Scarborough services we provide to people in the area such as basic tiling along with general repairs allows the individuals receiving the work numerous benefits. Providing interlock & concrete re-sealing services is one of our specialists and we offer all these service at a price most people can afford.

A large number of people have a hard time finding the right contractor, but with our help and the deck sealing Scarborough services we provide you can be sure you end up with quality work. Most interlock & concrete re-sealing services need special attention do to the inherent difficulty involved with the work, so remember to call ahead of time when considering this type of work. You should consider hiring a deck sealing Scarborough contractor so you keep the work in the community. The interlock & concrete re-sealing services we offer to people can usually be customized as well for those unique jobs.

Great looking decks in scarborough is our mission

People usually desire a great looking deck, and by using the services of a professional you can often achieve this goal for a cost you are pleased with. The deck sealing Scarborough contracting services we have available ranges from the most straightforward job to extremely complex ones requiring a detailed analysis of the area. For interlock & concrete re-sealing services a complete overview is likely the best way to do this. Most of the deck sealing Scarborough services can be completed on your schedule as well. The range of interlock & concrete re-sealing services means you also have plenty of choices.

If you want unique high quality deck work completed by responsible individuals let us handle the job so you can relax. For deck sealing, Our Scarborough based services are tailored to your exact needs. Just get in touch with us and we will go over the range of options available to you. A number of the interlock & concrete re-sealing services can be fully custom tailored as well. You can achieve a great looking home as well with the deck sealing Scarborough has to offer and the number of choices possible. Many individuals need custom interlock & concrete re-sealing services and with our help they can get it.

Improve Property Values by staining your fences & sealing your decks

Your house will look the way you want as long as you put in the time required and contact a deck sealing Scarborough contractor when you need the work done. The majority of the interlock & concrete re-sealing services can be fitted into your schedule so you get it done when you want and usually at a great price. Having a deck sealing Scarborough based company work on your deck is probably the best option for the work you want completed. Simply get in touch with us to learn more about the interlock & concrete re-sealing services we provide and the many other unique solutions we offer.


Sealtech provides a number of services for residential properties.

  • We can quote on protecting and treating wood
  • Powerwash interlock, stamped concrete, and much more.
  • We can clean garage floors and apply epoxy coatings.
  • Don’t see something on the list? Call us 416-966-4200 to find out what we can offer you.
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Sealtech is an industry leader in pressure cleaning and applying protective sealant.

  • We will quote on sealing / staining of fencing and decks for new and existing subdivisions.
  • We provide cleaning for the exterior of low-rise commercial structures.
  • We provide cleaning services for underground parking garages.
  • Gum and Graffiti removal.
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