Natural Stone & Pattern Concrete

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pattern-concrete-sealing-AFTERpattern-concrete-cleaningBy leaving your pattern concrete unfinished or leaving it untended to for a number of years can increase the risk of premature deterioration resulting from a number of environmental factors, salt damage, and the unforgiving freeze and thaw cycles of the hard Canadian winters.

Through our comprehensive cleaning and sealing process we can revitalize your existing natural stone and pattern concrete designs, bringing them back to life or simply preserving their current condition. If new. Like any investment, it is important to take the necessary steps in order to protect it for a long life and good looks. It is especially important to reseal pattern concrete approximately every 2 years to maintain your investment. Not sealing it and not maintaining it can lead to pre-mature deterioration and will eventual cause it to pit and eventually break up. A new seal will enhance the curb appeal of your property and is recommended by many real estate sales people as part of transforming a property prior to selling it.

Founded in 1998, we are one of the leading companies in the GTA that performs this service. We stand by our work, we’re dependable, we guarantee what we do and our pricing is competitive. Give us a call to take care of your Natural Stone or Concrete sealing needs no matter where in the GTA your home or office is.

What to expect when we seal your natural stone or pattern concrete?

  • Seal Tech will be on time and will be courteous.
  • Seal Tech professionals will use a commercial high pressure sprayer and apply a chemical wash that removes stains, salt etc etc
  • Seal Tech will then hand scrub your concrete or natural stone as necessary to ensure a *clean, smooth surface free of stains.
  • Seal Tech will then apply an overlapping coat of desired sealant in your choice of “natural”, “wet look semi-gloss” or “wet look high-gloss” finish to your concrete or Natural Stone.
  • Seal Tech will then use of a slip resistant final sealer to minimize the danger of slipping on wet surfaces for all pattern concrete or natural stone that we seal. This is a standard feature we add for homeowners safety.

* Refer to the interlock page for information on choosing a stone sealer of your choice.

* Certain stains maybe be permanent and can’t be removed by any process.