Treated stone provides:

  • Protection from staining
  • Protection from vegetation growth
  • Protection from mould, mildew, moss, and fungus
  • UV protection
  • Deters insect infestation
  • Protection from pitting
  • Enables easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Prolongs the life of the structure
  • Enhanced beauty instead of an eyesore

Seal Tech understands the importance of having a clean and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living area, lending to superior curb appeal. You only get one chance at a first impression, make yours count! Intricate driveways, walkways, and patios are an expensive addition to any home, and it is important to keep up with regular maintenance to protect your investment and avoid unnecessary deterioration. At Seal Tech we pride ourselves on providing top quality workmanship coupled with a high standard of customer service. Our goal is to provide the proper advice and technical knowledge to help you achieve your goals in a way that will exceed your expectations within a budget that you feel comfortable with. As with any home improvement, it is important to choose a contractor who specializes in what you are looking to have done; we are the trusted and go to company for the cleaning and sealing of interlock, pattern concrete, and natural stone driveways, walkways, patios, and retaining walls. Although there are a number of companies who offers these services, the repercussions of a bad job can be extremely expensive to fix or even irreversible. Be confident in your choice; see our testimonials for unsolicited customer feedback as well as flip through photos of a few of our previous jobs. It is important to note that prior to sealing it is imperative to ensure your stone surface is clean, free of all dirt, debris, and vegetation, to help ensure the protective coating applied is able to fulfill its intended purpose.

Why Seal?

Unsealed or poorly finished Interlock is subject to:

  • Staining
  • Discolouration and fading (result of UV rays, chlorine & pool chemicals, acid rain etc)
  • Cracking, due to freeze and thaw cycles
  • Pitting
  • Sand loss (from joints)
  • Daily wear and tear
Staining From:
  • Dirt
  • Calcium
  • Tree droppings (such as berries)
  • Rust
  • Bird droppings
  • Paint
  • Oil, transmission and brake fluids
  • Leaf decomposition
  • BBQ or automotive grease
  • Rubber
  • Sap
  • Gas
Growth of:

  • Fungus
  • Algae
  • Moss
  • Weeds
  • Insect infestation

How Can We Help?

Through our comprehensive cleaning and sealing process we can bring back the natural beauty of your stone work by removing existing vegetation growth and stains, improving your curb appeal, and helping provide a favourable first impression. By cleaning and sealing your interlock, not only will it improve its appearance and ability to maintain, but most importantly, it will help prolong the life of your patio, driveway, walkway, or retaining wall. Not only is your driveway a functional part of your home, it is also generally the first thing people see.

What to Expect:

  • Application of a high pressure chemical wash, combined with scrubbing (as needed), to remove stains
  • Remove any efflorescence (the whitish chemical powder that appears on interlock and concrete)
  • Removal of any existing weeds and other vegetation
  • Application of polymeric joint sand that hardens like a flexible mortar to reduce weed growth, bug infestation, and erosion
  • Application of an overlapping coat of desired sealant in your choice of “natural”, “wet look semi-gloss” or “wet look high-gloss” finish

Choosing a Sealer 

Types of Sealers:

Clear Sealer “natural look”:  This is a sealer that will not change the appearance of your stone. The finished product will look very similar, if not identical, to the appearance of the stone after cleaning once it has dried. If a natural look is what you desire, this is definitely the way to go.

Semi-Gloss “wet look”:  This sealer has roughly 12-15% acrylic post sealing, providing the stone with the “wet look” appearance. This appearance would be similar to the way your stone looks after it has rained with a bit of shine.

High Gloss “wet look”: This sealer has roughly 20-25% acrylic post sealing, providing the stone with the shiny “wet look” appearance. This appearance would be similar to the way your stone looks after it has rained, but intensified with shine provided by the increased acrylic.