Interlock Sealing: The Best Time to Seal Your Interlocking

When it comes to interlock sealing, timing is everything! It helps to preserve its visual appeal, maintain its durability, and protect from everyday wear and tear. Although sealing your interlock is always a good idea, the moderate temperatures of fall make it an ideal time to have your contractor perform the procedure. As well, there are a few seasonal benefits that you can maximize as the seasons continue to change.

Here are 4 reasons why fall is an ideal time to seal your interlock:

Add protection against the unpredictable temperatures of the coming months

Canadian weather can be hard to predict; although we are at the end of summer, the weather is surprisingly warm. Interlock sealer provides protection across all elements, so you can rest assured having your interlocking treated will add protection in the coming months, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Whether it is a bright and sunny day, a rainy autumn evening, or a harsh snowfall, a fresh coat of sealer reinforces your interlock, prevents deterioration and rotting, and reduces vulnerability to the various weather conditions we will face as the seasons change.

Prevent weeds for the duration of the warm weather

If you’ve spent the summer pulling out those pesky weeds that always seem to maneuver through the spaces between your stones, then now is a good time to start  thinking about applying a coating of sealer. It can save you a lot of trouble getting down on your hands and knees, ripping them out manually or getting them sprayed. In some cases, sealer can even stop weed growth entirely. While you still have the chance before the snow hits, seal your interlock and ensure you can  show off your well-maintained, weed-free driveway or patio for the duration of the season.

Restore your interlock stones before the winter

Many people spend the summer out on their driveway or patio, caring for and tending to their interlock. They pressure wash and perform a thorough cleaning of their interlocking and then are surprised when the snow melts away to find their stones have deteriorated. By sealing your interlock before the extreme cold hits, you can preserve the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your stones through the harsh weather.

Ensure optimal sealer performance whilst reducing temperature reactivity

Surface temperature plays a critical role in the performance of the sealer once it is applied to your interlock. After application, sealers undergo a chemical reaction that causes them to cure and form a film. The rate at which this occurs is dependent on the weather conditions and temperature of the surface. Fall is a great time to seal your interlock as the temperatures are relatively moderate; anything too high or too low prevents the sealer from performing optimally.

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