Seal Tech: Leader in Commercial Pattern Concrete Power Washing

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Natural stone and pattern concrete can add an attractive touch to many locations that can be found in the Toronto area.

Commercial pattern concrete power washing is a vital step in preserving natural stone and pattern concrete. Seal Tech, Inc. of Toronto is the leader in this field. The company has numerous endorsements and holds a Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

Seal Tech’s commercial pattern concrete power washing is an important step. This effort keeps a portion of an attractive landscaping effort from looking like an abandoned parking lot.

Customer reviews of Seal Tech, Inc., give the company high ratings for the quality of their work. Commercial pattern concrete power washing is a prime example of the services offered by Seal Tech. As the company maps out plan for the project, it will become obvious that the company knows what it is doing. The customer will be at ease, knowing the project will be done right the first time.

With more than 15 years of knowledge and experience, Seal Tech is an industry leader in Toronto for commercial pattern concrete power washing and other services. The company specializes in the cleaning and sealing of exterior stone and wood surfaces for restoration and preventative purposes.

Seal Tech has provided services to individual home owners and to major corporations such as the Toronto Transit Commission, Country-Wide Homes, York University, Aspen Ridge Homes, Tribute Homes, Great Gulf Homes, and many others. In some cases, the company’s commercial pattern concrete power washing skills were needed. If the job was a little different, other skills and techniques were used.

Seal Tech will never try to rush a client into a job. The company’s cleaning and sealing specialists will pay particular attention to all details to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. Skilled professionals will handle the commercial pattern concrete power washing portion of the job. The company’s employees will always be ready to listen and work through any concerns the customer may have during or after the completion of the project.

At Seal Tech, the customer always comes first.

Past clients tell one story. Understanding what the company does will tell another story. In the case of Seal Tech, the company and the customers tell the same story. Seal Tech provides knowledge, experience and believing that the customer comes first. Knowing the benefits of commercial pattern concrete power washing and what the customers say about the different projects provides an accurate picture of the company.

Understanding the services provided by Seal Tech will show that it is the company best suited for your project. By knowing, the company, its reputation, and its services, such as commercial pattern concrete power washing, customers can be assured of receiving the results that exceed expectations.

Commercial Pattern Concrete Power Washing

There are many situations where Seal Tech commercial pattern concrete power washing can be used in Toronto.

gum-removal-markham-6Many people associate traditional concrete with parking lots and driveways, and do not believe much maintenance is involved. Sometimes, they let this carry over to pattern concrete.

Pattern concrete is often used with commercial buildings, retail plazas, apartments, and condos. The pattern concrete creates an attractive area, contrary to the generic parking lot.

The attractive concrete area becomes a signature for the building or facility. It identifies the building and creates a more inviting area for people who are visiting the retail establishment or living in one of the apartments.

Leaving pattern concrete unfinished or unattended for years will usually increase the risk of premature deteriorations. This can be caused by various environmental factors. These factors include salt damage and the common, but freeze and thaw experienced in Toronto and throughout Canada. Seal Tech’s commercial pattern concrete power washing service can prevent many problems.

Seal Tech, through its comprehensive process, will revitalize the natural stone and pattern design. The Toronto-based company using commercial pattern concrete power washing and the proper sealant will give the project a fresh and updated look.

If the pattern design project is new, it is wise to take the proper steps to protect your investment. Doing this assures long life and continued good appearance. It is vital to re-seal pattern concrete two to three years to keep your investment looking great. Again, the company’s commercial pattern concrete power washing skills come into play, cleaning out debris or any breaks in the sealant.

Finally, do not think that Seal Tech will come in, spray something on the natural stone or pattern concrete, and leave. The process is much more involved than that. Seal Tech steps it up a notch to make sure the customer gets the product he is expecting.

Other Seal Tech Services

While protecting and restoring concrete design floors is an important part of the business, Seal Tech offers many services.

These services include:


This involves interlocking stones and is similar to the commercial pattern concrete power washing previously discussed. Again, as with all of its services, Seal Tech gives the same attention to the detail that separates a professional project from one that falls short. Many companies offer these services. However, checking the testimonials of the Seal Tech website should give the assurance you are seeking.

Deck & Fencing:

Seal Tech will give advice and technical information on the best way to treat your outdoor living areas. This includes decks, fencing, pergolas, and other wooden structures.

It is important to hire a contractor who specializes in what you want done. Seal Tech is the trusted and go-to company for the restoration of decks, fencing and other wooden structures. It is important to note that wood must be clean and free from dirt, mould, mill glazes, and other foreign debris or build ups.

Wood stain is meant to penetrate the surface. Thus, it is imperative to ensure you have a clean, sound surface before you apply a wood sealer or stain. The same assurances that Seal Tech applies to its concrete work and its commercial pattern concrete power washing services will be used on any project the company undertakes.

Commercial Properties

Seal Tech can provide the same services to both business and industrial properties as it does for residential properties. The company’s high pressure cleaning is similar to its cleaning of commercial pattern concrete power washing. Protective sealants for exterior areas will be provided.

Seal Tech will quote prices for a variety of projects. These include sealing/staining of fencing and decks for new and existing subdivisions, providing cleaning services for the exterior of low-rise business structures, underground parking garages, and even gum and graffiti removal. Some of these projects will require the use of commercial pattern concrete power washing to preserve the visual and possibly historic decorative areas.

In Conclusion

When a project needs Toronto’s best commercial pattern concrete power washing company, then Seal Tech is the company to hire. So, who says it is the best? The customers, who have used this company, which has more than 15 years of technical knowledge and experience in an ever-changing environment, say it is the best.

Seal Tech is constantly looking for ways to serve its customers and the people of Toronto. It offers a multitude of services ranging from its commercial pattern concrete power washing to the preparation and painting of a deck or fence for an individual family.

If there is an immediate project on the drawing board or in the back of your mind, do not waste any time. Seal Tech serves Toronto and the surrounding area. The company has a professional attitude and the testimonials of past customers to back up what they say. They want to hear about your project, whether it involves commercial pattern concrete power washing or preparing a deck for staining.

Is Seal Tech bragging? No, they are not. Seal Tech tells you what they can and will do. If Seal Tech did not live up to its promises, it would not be here today. With a 15-year track record, Seal Tech will always be a good choice for your concrete, wood, and other building needs.

From hand scrubbing a driveway to using its commercial pattern concrete power washing services, Seal Tech will make sure the finished job exceeds your expectations.