Commercial Fence Power Washing for Real Estate Owners and Property Managers

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Cleaning your fences regularly and keeping them free from debris will significantly enhance the appearance of your property. Since fences are one of the most notable features of a development, they need to appear polished so passing travelers can distinguish your estate from similar properties in the area. To keep up with this necessary maintenance, you can employ the commercial fence power washing services offered by Seal Tech Inc. These experienced professionals can produce results that will meet and exceed your desired expectations.

The experts at Seal Tech Inc specialize in cleaning and restoring wood and stone surfaces. A good portion of their clients are commercial property owners, but they also service plenty of homes as well. By effectively using high-pressure cleaning methods, they can remove tough stains from various surfaces and fixtures. When the cleaning process is complete, they use a high-quality sealant to rejuvenate these surfaces and other fixed objects.

model-home-parking-lot-fence-painting-AFTERnew-model-home-parking-lot-fence-stainingSeal Tech Reputation

During their 15 active years, Seal Tech pros developed an excellent reputation for their quality and professionalism. Because of their consistent service, they earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Since 2004 they maintained their high rating by immediately resolving customer issues and keeping their complaints to a minimum. This virtually-flawless record matched with a solid background, and a good repute with clients allows them to sustain their position as one of the top-rated businesses on the BBB.

Seal Tech Toronto Experience

Land owners and real estate managers can trust Seal Tech pros because they completed several tasks for huge corporations, developments and institutions. The extensive list of well-known clients who decided to commission them for work includes Jack Astor’s and McDonalds. Finishing these jobs successfully allowed them to build strong relationships with numerous developers in Toronto. As this client base increased, it compelled them to develop new techniques and specific practices designed for huge estates.

An Environmentally- Friendly Cleaning Approach

They only use superior equipment and supplies that are in compliance with the established rules of the Toronto area. The chemicals contained in Seal Tech cleaning products are eco-friendly substances that will not harm the environment. The careful handling of chemicals combined with the proper use of tools and machines gives them the ability to perform each job with minimal risks. Since they have the appropriate materials, they can safely work in developments without destroying property or bringing injuries to others.

The Seal Tech Wood Fence Restoration

Seal Tech has the experience to clean and treat fences, surfaces, and other objects made from diverse matters.They are vastly familiar with wood and wood-composites because this is the make-up of most fences and exterior home structures. After applying a mild effective cleaning product, they adjust the pressure on their power washing machines to a level that is safe for wood. With a skillful and careful approach, they can aptly remove ground-in dirt and stains without causing any damage to the wood.

The Sealant Application Process

After the wood dries completely, the pros apply the waterproof sealant to the clean surface. Depending on the customer’s request, they may either stain the exterior with a semi-transparent or full-color protectant. The treatment seeps into the wood and revitalizes the surface so it maintains its appearance in all weather conditions. It also keeps stubborn stains from re-appearing while effectively impeding the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew.

The newly-applied stain will also keep pets and children safe by averting the appearance of splinters. The smooth impenetrable surface will also simplify cleaning and normal maintenance while eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. The professional application from Seal Tech pros will prolong the life of the wood while protecting it from UV rays. The wood will also be able to survive through other elements and numerous pollutants that can potentially damage wood when left untreated.

Cleaning and Maintenance for Interlock Near Fencing

Cleaning interlock stones will naturally enhance the beauty of a particular area. However, there is a safety issue that may arise from allowing these stones to stay filthy. Interlock is notorious for vegetation growth, which can be hazardous to frequent foot travelers. Failing to remove fungus, mold, mildew and weeds soon after they grow may cause slip and fall accidents, which can lead to severe injuries.

Persons walking on interlock during dry weather are less likely to fall. During wet climates however, an individual can easily slip on a stone covered in moss or mildew. If vines and weeds are growing from the cracks in the interlock, an individual can tumble over these as well. Since most developers use interlock for main entrance ways, walkways, and connecting paths, they must keep these areas clean so striders can stay safe as they go to their destination.

Interlock and Fencing

If your fencing is close to an interlock surface, allow Seal Tech to clean them both during one phase. The relationship between interlock and fencing is close because it is difficult to clean one without drawing attention to the other. The light color of interlock makes it susceptible to dark stains that may be unsightly to visitors and travelers. If you allow the dirt to remain on your interlock, it will stand apart from the restored fence and possibly become an eyesore.

To avoid this issue, you should plan to power wash all interlock surfaces that are beneath or adjacent to your fences. Make the entrance ways your top priority, because this is a visitor’s first impression of the property. Courtyards are important as well because this is where most people will sit and socialize. You want to make sure their experience is enjoyable when they sit inside a spotless courtyard surrounded by dazzling fences.

Concrete Fence Posts

Cleaning and rejuvenating a fence may seem pointless if you do not plan to clean the concrete fence post as well. The structure may look extremely strange if you allow the grime to stay on the column after restoring the fence. You must allow Seal Tech to power wash every inch of the fence if you want it to mesh with your landscape flawlessly. Upon completion, you will have a brilliant fence fit to augment the visual-appeal of your illustrious property.

The procedure for cleaning wood is slightly different than the methods used for concrete and stone. Instead of using a low pressure setting, they use high pressure to thoroughly clean the imbedded dirt and mildew encompassing the stone. If the design of the column is pattern-concrete, they clean the stone carefully so they can get the hard-to-reach stains in mortars and crevices. They will only lower the water pressure if they notice a slight deterioration from freeze and thaw cycles. Lastly, they will thoroughly scrub the column to reveal the shimmering particles in the stone.

After cleaning the surface, Seal Tech will cover the column with a sealer in order to prolong its present appearance. You can choose to coat the stone column with a wet-look semigloss, wet-look high-gloss, or natural sealant. They will apply two coatings of the sealant you desire to further enhance the intricate details in the stone. When all is done and dry, they will apply a final slip-resistant treatment to prevent calamitous slip and falls.

Their Proven Professionalism

Throughout their time in business, the Seal Tech team did everything possible to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Their long list of testimonials proves how hard they work on each project they receive. Their first priority is arriving on time and remaining courteous to all customers. Secondly, they strive to provide quality work and they work hard to meet deadlines–even if they need to work late to do so.

Any Commercial property owner choosing to employ these fence-restoration experts will receive the same courteous treatment as previous customers. They will also get a competent team capable of doing an amazing job without wasting an excessive amount of time. Their familiarity with commercial fence power washing separates them from their inexperienced inept competitors. By investing in this team of pros, the property owner will actually have a chance to build a bond with an adept group of specialists.

Contact Seal Tech to Begin Your Fence Restoration Project

If you own a condominium, township, or apartment building in Toronto, you understand the importance of curb appeal and first impressions. The appearance of your property can potentially turn a passing traveler into a future tenant easily. You also understand how important it is to create a bright and comfortable environment for your current residents. If your tenant feels at home, they will stay with you longer, which means you can reduce your move-out rates considerably.

If you contact Seal Tech today, we will schedule your project and complete your services in less time than you may imagine. We guarantee all of our work, which means you can rest easy knowing we will not leave until we do the job correctly. Sprucing up your property by cleaning and revitalizing your fences is a job we know all too well. If you are ready to attract visitors with a property makeover, contact us immediately and we will start your job quickly.