Commercial Deck Sealing: Why It’s A Must

Commercial Deck Sealing: Why It’s A Must2014-02-20T20:38:28+00:00

SealTech Inc. are experts within the world of commercial deck sealing. This ensures that you have a reputable company to work with in order to breathe life into an existing wooden deck that may not appear to be attractive any longer. As a commercial property, you understand the importance of curb appeal and so does SealTech.

SealTech in Toronto offers commercial deck sealing along with various other services including treated stone pavers, epoxy on garage and warehouse floors, and much more. The process that is used is unique to SealTech and it involves getting rid of current issues within the wood or flooring. This provides a higher level of protection so that your money is well spent on the upgrade.

With a BBB rating of A+, this means that the company has not received any negative feedback from consumers in the area. Customer satisfaction is a primary focus within the company and this is evident from the very first time that you call. Representatives understand that client time is valuable and they will work diligently to ensure that customers have their questions answered in detail. Further, free consultations can be arranged to obtain pricing for commercial deck sealing or any other service that is offered by the company.

SealTech has been in the industry more than 15 years. This has allowed them to develop a significant amount of experience in the art of commercial deck sealing to ensure that untreated or aged wood is protected against the natural elements as well as such things as UV damage and splintering. They have worked with many companies throughout the Toronto area for commercial deck sealing as well, including such as McDonalds, Great Gulf Homes, York University and others.

The Benefits to Commercial Deck Sealing

When you have a commercial property with any kind of wooden deck, you want to do all you can to preserve it. Untreated or aged wood is subject to an array of problems because of constantly being exposed to the elements. Mildew, cracking and cupping, fungus, and blotchiness are likely to occur. Other issues that you may run into include UV damage, greying and fading, and even the formation of splinters.

With commercial deck sealing in Toronto, you can overcome all of these issues. Staining the wood will protect from weathering, mold and mildew, and harsh UV rays. This will add to the natural beauty of the structure and ensure that it stands tall for many more years to come. The Toronto commercial deck sealing is an important investment to reduce maintenance costs and make the decking easier to clean.

You can choose how you want the commercial deck sealing to affect the wood. There are clear coats as well as various stains that can help you to alter the natural color of the wood for aesthetic purposes. This gives you the opportunity to enhance the wood so that it is more beautiful around your property.

Various Uses for Commercial Deck Sealing

There are many ways that you can use commercial deck sealing to upgrade the wood structure that you have on your premises. You cannot allow raw wood to deteriorate to the point that you need to replace it because it can be expensive to do so – as well as dangerous for anyone who may be on the structure when it decides to collapse.

Restaurant Decking

Restaurants are able to protect their outdoor decking with a commercial deck sealing in Toronto to make it easier to clean. Customers often enjoy eating outside and when there is less chance of dealing with splinters it provides a more enjoyable atmosphere. Further, the treated wood will make it easier to clean to avoid food particles from being absorbed into the wood.

Campus/Apartment Staircases

Whether it’s the campus of a university or stairs to an apartment, there are often wooden staircases outdoors to help people get onto the campus and into the various areas. When the wood is not treated, it can become an eyesore. The Toronto commercial deck sealing can breathe new life into the wood and ensure that the stairs are structurally sound by eliminating the threat of mold and fungus.

Observation Decks

There are observation decks on an array of company headquarters as well as nature preserves. As the sun beats down on these decks, they are going to fade and be exposed to a lot of UV damage. Sap and other things may drip into the wood and without commercial deck sealing in Toronto, it’s going to be hard to keep the deck clean and attractive looking. With a seal on the wood, rainwater can help to do a lot of the cleaning so that it looks stunning throughout the year.

How Money Can Be Saved

Your commercial property is the source of a significant amount of revenue. Many people focus on aesthetics or curb appeal more than anything else when deciding where to live, where to work, or who to do business with. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you focus on commercial deck sealing in Toronto so you don’t lose any potential business.

SealTech can provide you with the commercial deck sealing so that there is nothing else to worry about. If you were to have a structural collapse, you could be looking at a substantial lawsuit if someone was injured – and this can be avoided. By treating the wood, you eliminate the threat of mold and mildew that can otherwise eat at wood and cause it to become less stable.

Beyond repairs, you also have to look at maintenance costs. If you spend a considerable amount of time scrubbing your deck to get rid of animal droppings, food and other issues, then that is labor dollars that could be spent elsewhere within your operations. The commercial deck sealing can make it a lot easier for you to clean the decking so that there is not a lot of time spent on the process. A simple hose and deck brush is likely all that you will need to use.

The aesthetics of the deck are important to you – and the success of your business. You may want to paint the deck in order to enhance its look. However, paint is going to endure the same problems that you have now. The UV rays are going to cause the paint to fade and peel. Mold and mildew can penetrate the paint. This means that you have to think of a more permanent solution.

With the various colors of stain available, you can enjoy commercial deck sealing in Toronto with an added color boost. This ensures that the wood is protected without wasting your money on paint that is not going to ultimately enhance the look of your deck. It’s important that you are smart about the way you spend money within your business and SealTech can assist you every step of the way.

The Importance of Commercial Deck Sealing in Toronto

If you were to look around at some of the other commercial properties within Toronto, you will see that many have already learned the lesson of commercial deck sealing. They have learned how to preserve the wood so that it is attractive and well protected. When you are competing for business with these other companies, you need to take similar steps to preserving the appearance of wooden decks and staircases on your property.

Mold, mildew, fungus, cracking, cupping, and splinters are all issues that you may have to deal with when you have natural wood. It’s understandable as to why you want wood throughout your property. It is natural, rustic and environmentally friendly. There are various benefits to it versus metal or concrete. However, it is important that you protect the wood with a commercial sealant.

The moment that you protect the sealant, you eliminate such things as mold and mildew, splinters and extended maintenance. You enhance the attractiveness of the wood and ensure that it lasts for many more years. This is going to save you money and help to increase business by playing into the fact that people want to be surrounded by attractive features.

SealTech can ensure that the wood on your commercial property is treated effectively. A free consultation will be provided to you so that you can learn of the benefits as well as the costs. You will have the opportunity to choose a color for the wood that will ultimately help to enhance the appearance of your decking.

Your property can benefit from commercial deck sealing in Toronto. Stop dealing with old and aged wood and start looking at an effective alternative. You can maintain all of the great features with wood and rid yourself of the negative features. With SealTech, you can learn about the many ways to improve the decking so that you can enjoy it for many more years.

Call today to talk to a representative about commercial deck sealing. You can set up a free consultation and learn how this is one of the best investments you can make within your property.