Garage Floor & Epoxy Coatings

Garage Floor & Epoxy Coatings2019-06-07T13:07:24+00:00

jack-astors-patio-epoxy-coatingjack-astors-patio-cleaningBy using our high pressure cleaning and epoxy coat system you can help protect against the deterioration of your concrete floor, increase visibility from a high gloss finish increasing lighting by 25% and provide a clean look and feel to your existing garage floor. Unprotected garage floors are subject to many of the same risks as driveways, such as staining from vehicle fluids, salt damage, and difficulty cleaning resulting from a porous surface which tends to collect and hold dirt, dust, and other micro debris. Using an epoxy coating can help combat a number of these issues.

Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

  • Protects against salt damage
  • Resists gas, oil, and chemical stains
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Decreases dust levels
  • Increases lighting ( up to 25% with high gloss finish )