Commercial Fence Painting: Let Sealtech Help Make Your Fence Look Like New

Commercial Fence Painting: Let Sealtech Help Make Your Fence Look Like New2014-01-31T19:56:05+00:00

fence-painting-gtaIndustry leaders with a strong reputation, Sealtech has been offering 15 years worth of expertise, knowledge, and restoration in the area of applying preventive and restorative work to stone and wood surfaces. High-pressure cleaning, along with sealant application, can restore wood and stone beautifully, to the “looks like new” level of quality. Available for consultation, Commercial Fence painting and other finishing work, as well as any restoration project regarding the refinishing of wood and stone surfaces, Sealtech helps seal quality in, with every transaction.

A strong reputation begins with expertise applied over time with real results. Sealtech can say that in the area of Commercial Fence painting in the Toronto area, we’ve done just that. A fence says a lot about a property, and Sealtech has established itself as experts in terms of the outcomes expected and achieved for Commercial Fence painting. Mega corporations have turned to Sealtech for expertise and assistance with housing developments, institutions, as well as corporations such as but not limited to Jack Astor’s, Great Gulf Homes, Country Wide Homes, Tribute Homes, McDonald’s, Mr. Sub, Toronto Transit Commission, Aspen Ridge Homes, York University, and Mattamy Homes.

In terms of our driving force, we act constantly out of a belief system dedicated to excellence, quality, and detail, which translates into excellent listening and communication skills as well as clear, professional, industry standard service, every day, not just once in a while.

Finally, Sealtech offers a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, not just for Commercial Fence painting in Toronto but for all its services that it offers, from sealing to restoring to painting. Commercial work like this offers constant challenges and rewards, and Sealtech enjoys the work it does with the community to keep the face of key commercial offerings clean and impressive.


Commercial enterprises are busy securing customers, paying bills, writing new economic systems and computer systems for their businesses–and basically do not have the time to do vast bid searches that include small painting operations as the risk is too high. Our experience matches our equipment to make our Commercial Fence painting offering extremely competitive, marketable, and worthwhile as the results are tremendous and tend to speak for themselves as does our client list.


Apartment dwellers need to return home to an environment that feels well-kept, free from the clutter that dirt and graffiti can lend. One would be surprised at what a difference a clean fence can make in creating an atmosphere that does not encourage negativity and crime. A fence that seems as fresh as the day it was installed creates a fresh, clean, professional look, one that helps to build credibility overall for any business. Nowhere is Commercial Fence painting more important than at the apartment level, with tenants subconsciously receiving a sense of a place before they even open the door. Tenants should feel a sense of professionalism or neutrality in the landscape, and ignored landscapes or dirty fences don’t make the impression needed to secure the types of tenants who stay, pay their bills on time, and are good to the apartments in terms of wear and tear. Sealtech can help immediately by improving the fencing with Commercial Fence painting, which can leave a good impression for prospective tenants and others in the neighbourhood.


Commercial enterprises need to see the success that they wish to continue in their business, and the exterior of the building makes much more of an impression on a person than one would think. Stepping out of the car should not deliver one into a grimy environment; the tar and pavement offer enough grit. A clean exterior to the building–and out buildings–makes such a difference as at McDonald’s, where even the small structure that holds the garbage, is power-blasted stone. The effect is a clean, washed look, almost brushed, which is professional, impressive, and noteworthy in and of itself.


Commercial Fence painting also applies to condominiums, which need to keep exteriors looking brushed as well. Attention to exteriors makes sense when high-traffic, high-turnover exist around a business or commercial enterprise. Nowhere is this more the truth than around condos, with constant showings and turnover. Condos tend to make an impression with the grounds, as well, landscaping playing a role in how the dwellings are received overall. Fences, exterior walls, and even the exterior of buildings can become very important in the subconscious of the tenant. Peeling paint can translate into the tenants’ feeling out of control about the condominium, whereas freshly painted surfaces, or polished stone, could inspire, uplift, reassure, or send a message that this is an apartment where they can write their lives instead of the opposite.


Universities and colleges have many fences and exterior spaces, especially old stone buildings or stone walls between outdoor spaces. Pathways, bridges, and fences tend to dot the environment. Sealtech can offer universities, colleges, and community centres services that upkeep and restore surfaces to their new condition, helping to make the landscape something that leaves an impression that is positive and strong versus tiring or forgettable. Commercial Fence painting comes in handy at parking lots where they tend to be on campuses. A university or college would be smart to think about sealant and finishing needs on all buildings not just older ones.


While Sealtech relies on the Better Business Bureau for ranking, we rely on our customers for our day-to-day requirements. Here is what a couple of them have to say:

–“The guys came at 6 and worked really hard until 9 then were back the next morning before I was out of bed to finish the deck. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. Chris and Richard worked so carefully and meticulously and I can see there is attention to detail.”

–“Ryan and his team were very professional and did a great job with sealing and staining my patio stones and shed. Reliable and honest.”

–“Dear Mr. Leonard, I am writing to thank you for having a crew return and put my deck in order. It was very much appreciated. It shows integrity.”

–“Just wanted to let you know that we are more than pleased with the work that was done here. Ryan and Richard did a fine job in looking after our new stucco wall. We are very pleased that he listened to what we had to say and informed us as to what we should and shouldn’t do.”

At Sealtech, we know the value of Commercial Fence painting, as well as the value of investing in building and fence restoration and preventive measures. These are not only practical approaches, they make a huge difference in how the public and prospective tenants or business owners receive the properties, and the people inside them. Graffiti, dirt, grime, disrepair, stains, old plants: These detract from the overall impression that a commercial enterprise, apartment, or condominium complex wishes to connote. Universities especially tend to know this, which is why people often find their exteriors to be inspiring and soothing and why Commercial Fence painting is applicable.

At Sealtech, we take the aesthetic approach seriously, offering advice and how-to not only on the straightforward jobs but on the more interesting and engaging ones such as the restoration of an old garden wall or on Commercial Fence painting. There is something about these public spaces that speaks volumes to people subconsciously; paying attention to them has a large impact overall on how people feel and even think. Inspiration can come from various sources, and completing a clean, restored Commercial Fence painting job at the arboretum can do just that by restoring a space for a writer, artist, arborist, or mother to appreciate.

Finally, of course, businesses and commercial enterprises cannot afford the damage that peeling paint, dirt, or disrepair can connote to the consumer, public, or buyer. Commercial Fence painting is essential for the commercial enterprise to consider because it needs to be up to industry standards and not done by amateurs. Commercial Fence painting takes precedence with Sealtech; it is one of our old stand-bys, something that we do expertly and in preparation for long-term endurance and longevity, not just for a quick-fix approach.

Commercial Fence painting does not need to be a project that is so overwhelming that it detracts from the rest of running your business. Hiring an expert that is reasonably priced right out of the gate makes sense and is an approach Sealtech offers every day of the week. Please call Sealtech for a consultation or for more information on any of our services, (416) 966-4200 or see us online at