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If you’re looking for a Toronto commercial deck staining expert, look no further than Sealtech. This company is an expert in commercial deck staining and can offer premium products delivered by the finest professionals. SealTech is a reputable company and has an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau. They serve landlords and property managers of commercial buildings, apartments, condos, and retail plazas. Here are some of the advantages and tips that you should know about Toronto commercial deck staining.

Improve the Appearance and Longevity of Your Deck with Toronto Commercial Deck Staining

Have you ever gone to a property that appeared nice and new, but the deck or fence was a dingy gray wood that appeared less than desirable? If so, you know how unappealing it is to onlookers. Not only is it unappealing, it could be dangerous. When the wood is constantly exposed to the elements, it could crack, warp, and also collapse. This is undesirable and bad for business.

pergola-staining-afterpergola-staining-beforeMany people will not continue to patronize places where the atmosphere is not inviting. A good-looking deck or fence is a part of creating the ambience that many people desire, but how can you create that luxury look for less?

A good sealant will prevent warping and graying. Most companies underestimate the value of commercial deck staining and sealing a deck until it turns a dull gray. Instead, most people would prefer to see a deck that is stained a dark brown, blonde, or dark red color. This is more attractive and increases the value of the business. You should consider how Toronto commercial deck staining can help you become more profitable.

Improve the Value of Your Commercial Property with Toronto Commercial Deck Staining

The value of your commercial property can improve with stained wood. It is more appealing in appearance. With more curb appeal, the value of your property improves. If you purchased your property below market value, you may earn more equity, which means you’ll make a profit if you sell. Most business owners understand this concept and appreciate it. Stain your deck and improve the value of your property.

Compare Treated Wood to Stained Wood

Treated wood provides protection from staining, weathering, mold, mildew, and fungus. This type of wood also provides protection from UV, and it’s easier to clean and maintain. Like stained wood, treated wood has a longer lifespan because of the treatment. The only major difference is that treated wood comes from the manufacturer treated, and stained wood is installed and then later, treated with stain. There are benefits to both types of wood, but each business owner should weigh the options to determine which would be best for the property where it will be installed.

Seal Tech Offers Quality Workmanship and Customer Service

Seal Tech offers quality workmanship and customer service. They make every effort to ensure that the process is painless. SealTech’s goal is for you to understand your purchase and maximize the enjoyment after it’s applied. If you have a barbeque in your condo community, your deck will be covered and protected.

It will also be impressive to look at to make people want to be at the condo enjoying the deck rather being embarrassed by the appearance. If something does go wrong or if you have questions about the application, you need to be certain that the company will answer the phone in a timely manner and address your questions to the best of their ability. They can also help you find the best stain for your deck.

Prepare Your Deck Before You Invest in Commercial Deck Staining in Toronto

Before you stain, you should ensure that the stain will adhere properly to guarantee full coverage. Any wooden structure that you may stain such as a deck, fence, or pergola can benefit from the protection if it is properly prepared. Since wood stain is meant to penetrate wood surfaces, any dirt or mold should be removed to prevent the stain from doing its job.

If the commercial deck staining does not completely permeate the wood, the protection will not be as long as stated in the instructions. Don’t fall prey to premature deterioration because you didn’t properly prepare the wood. Some experts recommend a light pressure washing before application to remove any debris.

You should also inspect the existing fasteners to ensure that the deck is structurally sound before applying the stain. Surfaces should also be sanded to remove loose wood fibers and to ensure the deck will absorb the stain. Apply two coats of stain or sealer to ensure that the deck is adequately protected. These measures should be taken before any Toronto commercial deck / fence staining.

Be Aware of the Life Expectancy of Decks

When you hire someone to stain your deck, ensure that the life expectancy is what it should be by following the directions and applying it properly. If the stain is applied according to directions, you can expect that decks or horizontal surfaces will have a lifespan of one to five years. If you apply it to vertical surfaces, you can expect the lifespan to be up to 10 years.

The lifespan will vary depending on the exposure to the sun, the amount of traffic, the vegetation around the wooden structure, and precipitation. These numbers may also vary depending on the stain brand. Elevation and airflow will affect the lifespan of the wood deck. Keep this in mind before staining. Inquire with SealTech experts to determine what the expected lifespan of the wooden fence or deck will be if the stain is applied properly.

Types of Stain Available

1. Clear Sealers

Clear sealers are the most common types of stains available. These sealers won’t change the physical appearance of the deck. Instead, the sealant will protect against harmful UV rays, and it will also mask the appearance of dirt.

2. Semi-Transparent Stain

This type of stain is a nice combination or compromise between the semi-transparent stain and the semi-solid stain. The natural grain and texture of the wood will still be apparent, but some color may be incorporated.

3. Semi-Solid or Solid Stains

If you want a more pronounced color or painted look, you would prefer a semi-solid or solid stain. These stains will offer the same level of UV protection and will provide a more aesthetically appealing look to the decks.

Decide If Commercial Deck Staining or Fence Staining is for Your Condo Community

When you’re ready to make your move, you should contact SealTech. SealTech can offer the professional commercial deck staining that you need to improve the appearance and lifespan of your deck or fence. Condo associations are always looking for ways to improve their property value to keep their community nice and safe. The cost is typically the only impediment to securing condo communities.

SealTech will work with your condo association to develop an affordable pricing plan and ensure that your deck is protected according to industry standards. Toronto commercial deck staining is recommended to any person who may need these services now or in the future.

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Deck Staining or Fence Staining

Commercial deck staining or fence staining can improve the curb appeal of your property. This will raise the value and make it easier to sell the business in the future. When potential buyers invest in commercial deck staining or fence staining, they will also make condo tenants and customers feel good about where they live and where they play.

People are more apt to recommend their neighborhoods and invite people over when it is visually appealing and impressive to their guests. Commercial deck staining and fence staining is a part of the entire presentation and enhanced curb appeal. Invest in commercial deck staining or fence staining in the future.

In general, SealTech recommends commercial decking staining in Toronto to prevent mildew, cracking, fading, and graying. Toronto commercial deck staining will also help to prevent splintering, fungus, blotchiness, and protection from weathering. Stained wood is easier to maintain and to clean.

It’s better for safety and business value to stain your deck and maintain it through the life of the deck. Otherwise, you may face higher charges related to deck repair or deck replacement. If someone is injured as a result of a deck collapsing from improper care, you would lose far more money than you would if you simply just did the preventative maintenance. Lawsuits are costly and could cause you to lose your investment.

Contact a SealTech professional to help you understand the benefits of deck staining and protect your investment. Most people recognize that the investment is small compared to the expenses that may be incurred if a lawsuit was executed. Speak with a SealTech professional and schedule a free consultation today.

Most people do not regret their investment and enjoy the protection for many years before investing again. Toronto commercial deck staining is recommended for anyone that cares about their investment and attracting more visitors.