Commercial Concrete Power Washing

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gum-removal-markham-6Seal Tech has been supplying commercial concrete power washing in the Greater Toronto area for more than 15 years. We take pride in using the latest technology and equipment to provide the professional cleaning that makes concrete, brick and stone look like new. Whatever the surface including floors, slabs, countertops and fences we use the right procedure to get the best results.

With our Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rating, our residential and commercial customers feel confident that they will get the best possible results. We adhere to the standards of committed corporate responsibility and do our best to maintain an honest and responsive relationship with all of our customers. We are WSIB cspaat compliant for your protection, and we guarantee all of our work.

We are dedicated to maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment, which is one reason why we use only environmentally sensitive products in all or our sealing and commercial concrete power washing procedures. We have made it a point to research many sealing products to ensure our customers that we are using the most durable and safe sealants and stains.

The surface is first cleaned with power washing and then sealed. If it is sealed without cleaning, it will always look dirty and the sealant will not penetrate and adhere properly. It will start to peel and flake and not last as long as it should.

Our commercial concrete power washing and sealing is designed to be an industry leader in the field. We clean the exterior of low-rise commercial buildings and fences as well as underground parking garages. We completely remove graffiti for a sparkling fresh surface. Call today to talk about your residential or commercial concrete power washing requirements and get a quote.

Commercial Buildings

highrise-commercial-cleaning-markhamCommercial buildings need to maintain a clean and attractive appearance to instil confidence in customers and employees. If the home office or a branch begins to look rundown, it will reflect badly on the brand or service. This could result in reduced profits. To keep commercial property looking well cared-for, the property manager needs to use preventative maintenance, to avoid huge repair bills later. Preventative maintenance is not only sound for commercial buildings it is also recommended for private homes.

Commercial concrete power washing is one of the most effective means for keeping a commercial building looking its best as well as reducing wear and tear on concrete, stone and brick structures. Over the past 15 years, Seal Tech has cleaned many commercial and franchise buildings, parking lots and fences in the Toronto area. These include apartment complexes, office buildings and fast food restaurants. We also undertake historical buildings, university buildings and public walkways.

Apartments and Condominiums

Landlords and property managers for large complexes where people live have a big responsibility to maintain the property to municipal standards. They also need to keep the buildings, walkways, driveways and fences looking clean to attract tenants. Graffiti is the first thing that has to go. It could give the impression that no one is caring for the property. Commercial concrete power washing from Seal Tech removes graffiti as if it was never there. We also have commercial fence painting in the Toronto area that has been tested for years and given us a strong reputation for expertise in the commercial fence painting industry.

For walkways, patios and parking lots, our services include high pressure wash with chemicals that removes dirt, stains and salt. We’ll hand scrub the surface, if required, to get it looking as perfect as possible. Our slip-resistant sealant will minimize the danger of tenants slipping on the walkways or parking lot when it is wet.

Retail Plazas

When we clean public places we always do risk assessment before starting the job. Our first aim is for the safety of customers and employees. We identify the possible hazards and decide on precautions. We understand that shoppers have many choices where to shop in the greater Toronto area, and retail plazas need to maintain clean and safe facilities to keep customers returning. After commercial concrete power washing, we offer a special slip-resistant sealer for stone and cement surfaces, so the property is safe and beautiful.


Fencing is not just a barrier. It may be the first thing a customer or guest sees when visiting a business. It needs to give a good impression just like the building and landscaping. Wood, stone, brick and concrete fences tend to get dull and stained from the weather and are the canvas of choice for graffiti artists. There are several ways to keep a fence clean after commercial concrete power washing.

Wood fences, even pressure-treated wood fences, are susceptible to sunlight, rain and snow and the effects of debris hitting the fence. Pressure treated wood may contain toxins that irritate the skin and cause respiratory problems especially in children and pets. Our sealant ensures that these toxins cannot escape the wood to irritate people as well as giving UV protection.

Raw wood fences are often left to the elements and soon look weathered and damaged. This damage can be costly because it is most likely irreversible and can be only fixed with replacement pieces. The damage from sunlight and weather can be substantially minimized by sealing, painting or staining the wooden fence or deck as soon as possible after construction is complete. Seal Tech provides staining and sealing, protection from mould, fungus and mildew. The sealant makes it easier to clean the wood and prolongs the life of the structure.

Commercial concrete power washing will do wonders for removing rust and stains from concrete, stone and brick fences. They will look like new and can also be sealed to maintain their freshness for years.


Hotels, country clubs and resorts are expected to look pristine for each guest. They usually have a budget and a full-time property manager to make sure the grounds are spotless at all times. Our commercial concrete power washing and sealant will keep interlock pattern concrete as well as natural stone, walkways, patios, retaining walls and swimming pool areas always looking their best. These types of commercial buildings receive hundreds of visitors and guests, so they are extremely careful about public liability. This is why our slip-resistant sealer for stone or cement surfaces is essential on these premises. It will not become slippery even when wet.


Even after our commercial concrete power washing and sealing, resealing may be necessary every two to three years. How long to wait before requesting resealing will depend on several factors. Aesthetics is a main factor for hotels and commercial buildings. This is because looking good is an important part of attracting customers. Some of the environmental factors are sunlight exposure, moisture in the form of rain and snow, overhanging trees and debris knocking against the fence and salt, either from snow removal or the sea, will damage almost any structure quickly.

Surfaces that are walked on such as decks, walkways, pool areas and parking lots usually receive more damage that walls and fences. For residential uses, children, pets and the cleaning practices of the family will impact the length of time the concrete power washing and sealant is effective.

Owners, landlords and property managers of commercial property can substantially upgrade their property with the commercial concrete power washing services that Seal Tech offers. Our professional technicians give their full attention to every detail of every project to make sure our customers are satisfied. We make it a point to listen to suggestions and concerns before giving an estimate and starting the work. When the job is finished, we’ll discuss the results with our customers to ensure that they meet or exceed expectations. Our aim is to finish the project on time and within budget. We guarantee all of our work.

Our customers regularly express their gratitude for our care and concern about their unique commercial concrete power washing requirements. We do our best to offer proper advice and technical knowledge when we discuss each project so that our customers have the results that they want. We are specialists in the field, so our customers can have the confidence they are getting a top quality service.

Our crews are hard-working, friendly, reliable and efficient to give each customer excellent service. We take the necessary time and attention to remove stains and dirt. Our standards are high, and we do everything we can to make sure each job meets those standards. Our expertise and attention to detail has established us at the top in our field in the Toronto area.

Commercial concrete power washing and sealing or staining from Seal Tech is one of the best property management investments an owner can make. Not only will the building and grounds look clean and attractive for years, they will be protected from damage and last much longer than unprotected wood, concrete, stone or brick. Call Seal Tech today to learn more about the property maintenance services we offer and the benefits of commercial concrete power washing for your commercial or residential property.