Need Pattern Concrete Gum Removal?

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gum-removal-markham-6gum-removal-markham-4One of the best things about Toronto, whether you’re asking a friend from two streets over or a visitor from half the world away, is the architecture. That’s not a term that ends in the simple definition of completed buildings, either. It encompasses the methods and materials used to make those buildings from start to finish, as well as the materials and methods used in the construction and layout of the landscaping and other “flourishes” which make the Toronto skyline a visual hint of the great city beyond. No city, though, is without its share of gum chewers, which means that no city is without litter. Stores and retail venues which occupy an open plaza, condos and apartment complexes, and other managed commercial spaces which see large influxes of traffic on a regular basis are especially susceptible to the negative effects of unsightly wads of chewing gum left behind by equally unsightly litterbugs, which is a shame, since they can really tarnish Toronto’s charm if left there for all to see like so many zits on the face of Toronto’s natural stone and pattern concrete edifices and spaces.

The question, then, is what to do about the issue of pattern concrete gum removal in Toronto. Happily, it’s a question with an easy answer. When it comes to pattern concrete gum removal in Toronto, the solution is simple – you call Sealtech. Who or what is Sealtech, exactly? Only the best and most trusted company for pattern concrete gum removal and exterior property improvement in all of Toronto! Read on to learn more.


When it comes to the cleaning, restoration, and protection of their properties, and especially of the exterior wood and stone / pattered concrete portions of those properties, clients from every place and situation one might think of as extant within the Toronto metropolitan area have counted on Sealtech to get the job done right. In their decade-plus existence (the company opened its doors in 1998), such clients have included everyone from the average homeowner to megalithic household names like McDonald’s. Mid-range clients are also plentiful; many municipalities and mid-size corporations and managed residential properties use Sealtech again and again for their speed, talent, and reliability.

As previously stated, Sealtech’s true specialty lies in the preservation and restoration of a property’s exterior elements. They work with wood, concrete, and stone as a general rule, but are open to custom orders – just ask for more information! Given, however, that the unique processes involved in the cleaning, maintenance, and restoration of patterned concrete are a primary focus of Seal Tech’s business, it should come as no surprise to the home or commercial property owner / manager that they offer fast, efficient, and cost-effective pattern concrete gum removal all over the greater Toronto area.

So, the astute reader may ask, why choose Sealtech over all the similar operations out there? It’s a valid question, to be sure, and while it can be answered in any number of ways, the short and sweet approach is often best. Why should you choose Sealtech for your Toronto-based pattern concrete gum removal and other exterior property needs? You should choose them because they have an “A Plus” rating with the Better Business Bureau. You should choose them because they have a long string of customers who aren’t shy about offering glowing testimonials (more on that in just a minute). You should choose them because they offer their services in a friendly, efficient manner, and because you can depend on them to get the job done right, whether it’s a restoration job, a unique sealant application (great for weatherproofing a deck or increasing an outdoor area’s longevity and attractiveness!), or the aforementioned pattern gum removal. You should choose them because Seal Tech is a quality outfit that does quality work for a fair price.

By the way, price being the factor that it is, another point ought to be addressed at this juncture. Yes, you might be able to get your pattern concrete gum removal, sealant application, exterior renovation, or other work done cheaper or faster with “the other guys”, but consider this: Price isn’t everything. Will the work last, or need re-doing in a year? Will your Toronto-based alternative to Sealtech promise fast, blemish-free pattern concrete gum removal for half the price and deliver on that promise, or will they leave your property in a worse state than when they found it, pausing just long enough to hand you an inflated bill after all? These aren’t questions you have to ask of Sealtech, because no company gets clients like theirs if their work is lacking. Just take a look at some of these testimonials:

“You show integrity. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your work to anyone. Thanks again, Seal Tech!” – Joanne M.

This is the second job I’ve hired Sealtech for, and it’s the second time the job has been completed within 48 hours, all while staying friendly, accommodating, and managing to make my restaurant look great! I’d recommend them to anyone!” – Sandra W.

“They [Sealtech] had my deck finished in two days – it was done before I was even out of bed!” Taline N.

These are just a few of the flood of positive Sealtech testimonials available to anyone who cares to look. Client feedback comes from homeowners of all ages, commercial clients, town and city councils, and more. Contracts completed include deck restoration, stucco wall work, and of course, restorative and proofing work in both wood and stone / patterned concrete, including finishes, sealing, and pattern concrete gum removal. This Toronto shop can do it all, and do it right! (NOTE: Testimonials are 100% real and available for review, but names have been initialized to protect client privacy).

At this point, prospective clients of all varieties are probably wondering precisely how Sealtech does what it does. How do they restore and protect decks and other wooden surfaces, renovate natural stone, and engage in pattern concrete gum removal, often within hours of hire? They put the customer first, that’s how! Sealtech values its client roster and relationships above all else, which is why it uses only the best practices and products available to their industry. Their Toronto pattern concrete gum removal operation, for example, involves cleaning and / or restoring the affected area(s), as well as sealing the concrete with special compounds designed to protect and beautify the surfaces worked on for months or even years to come. Finally, a Sealtech team always takes prior work into account – theirs or anyone else’s. A pattern concrete gum removal job, as any Sealtech worker or representative will tell you, should leave no trace. It should be like it never happened! That’s why Sealtech teams always take great care to preserve any existing finishes, structures, and overall characteristics present in the wood, stone, or pattern concrete they’ve been hired to improve. Need evidence? Look no further than the Better Business Bureau – they don’t just give away those ‘A+’ ratings, you know!


Some property owners, property managers, and commercial clients will ask why this is such a big deal. Gum gets stuck to stuff. Wood, stone, and concrete take a beating at the hands of time and weather. Is it really necessary to bother with all these pattern concrete gum removal, restoration, and exterior property preservation projects? If so, why use Sealtech to do it? Can’t you just take on these projects yourself? The answer to such questions is two-fold: First, of course you should care, and yes, you should deal with these issues ASAP! Not only will something as simple as pattern concrete gum removal make you as a homeowner, apartment or condo board member, or commercial or retail property manager feel better, but your properties will obviously look better, too! You’ll show your pride of ownership, both inside and out. Thanks to increased aesthetics and curb appeal, you’ll also attract new and better residents and customers, and in some cases – sealing contracts and other protective operations come to mind – you’ll decrease the overall need for repeat work in the future. As for working on a commercial project like pattern concrete gum removal or a residential project like a garage floor refinishing or an interlocking exterior weatherproofing job all by yourself, it’s easy to see that the risk far outweighs the small potential for cost savings. Unless one is an expert at this stuff in their own right, it would be the height of folly to attempt pattern concrete gum removal or any other work discussed here without knowing what you’re doing! Talk about a giant hassle, not to mention a giant waste of time and money!

As for why someone in need of pattern concrete gum removal in Toronto, a deck renovation, natural stone weatherproofing, or any other such operation should contract with Seal Tech specifically, well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Sealtech has existed for almost twenty years, and in that time, countless customers of all sizes and need profiles have hired them and been left with nothing but good things to say. In a commercial environment especially, appearances and reputation are everything, and Sealtech delivers, which makes it easy for their clients to do the same for their own customers. Give it some thought, and you’ll see that whether you should be working with them isn’t really a question after all.


And there you have it – The greater Toronto area’s answer to quick and painless pattern concrete gum removal (as well as many other exterior and semi-exterior jobs involving work with garage floors, interlocking stone and brickwork, and more) – just call Sealtech! They service the entire Toronto metropolitan area, including its outlying suburbs.

Toronto residents can call a Seal Tech rep to discuss all your questions, as well as your unique needs and situation with regard to pattern concrete gum removal and the like at 416 966 4200, fax them at 416 282 1590, or fill out the simple contact form at (

Call, fax or send us an email today for a free estimate and a prompt reply regarding all your pattern concrete gum removal and other exterior property needs – you’ll be glad you did!