Reasons to Choose Sealtech for Your Commercial Interlock Stone Sealing Needs

Reasons to Choose Sealtech for Your Commercial Interlock Stone Sealing Needs2014-02-07T14:12:46+00:00

Are you a commercial landlord, property manager or real estate developer looking to improve the quality and aesthetics of your site or building in Toronto? Do you know how curb appeal affects not only your property value but the revenue it earns? It’s a known fact that first impressions people make about your commercial property or real estate are based on curb appeal, better known as the appearance of the outside of your site or building. One of the best ways to gain favorable curb appeal status is to ensure the concrete, stone and brick work you lay for driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, and retaining walls are properly cleaned and sealed. An important, often overlooked step in this process is known as commercial interlock stone sealing, which enhances the beauty and longevity of your outdoor concrete, stone and brick work areas for years to come.

In Toronto, the best services for commercial interlock stone sealing can be found at Sealtech, Incorporated. We have a long resume of working with brand name companies and institutions here in the Toronto area. Sealtech professionals are experts at helping you decide how commercial interlock stone sealing fits into your project and budget and offer competitive rates for high quality commercial interlock stone sealing services. Whether cleaning and sealing concrete, stone or brick work for new construction or rejuvenating and maintaining existing drive and walk ways, Sealtech technicians provide professional evaluations and suggestions for commercial interlock stone sealing at your Toronto site. Our reliable, fully trained commercial interlock stone sealing technicians will show up on time and complete the job with precision.

Quality Craftsmanship Counts for Your Commercial Property

Quality and craftsmanship are always important reasons to consider when choosing a commercial interlock sealing provider. Sealtech’s commercial interlock stone sealing has received high praise from consumers and business leaders alike. They have over 15 years of experience and a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau serving Toronto. Seal Tech is dedicated to providing top quality service to its clients and maintaining lasting relationships with them.

According to reliable consumer business review sites, customers have noted that Seal Tech provided them with:

  • Reliable, professional service.
  • Prompt, efficient work from polite, friendly technicians.
  • Accommodations to work around property owner schedules.
  • Excellent work and beautiful finished results, making existing concrete, stone and brick work look “brand new”.
  • High quality work and results for commercial interlock stone sealing on new construction.
  • Reasonable, fair price rates.

Customers and tenants have certain expectations about where they conduct business or live. The atmosphere and appearance of retail stores, professional businesses, public buildings, and residential areas influences where people want to take their business or reside. Creating and maintaining good foundational walkways, driveways, patios, and other outdoor concrete, stone and brick areas are very good reasons to have the professionals at Sealtech’s Toronto location provide your commercial interlock stone sealing services.

Safety and Legal Considerations for Commercial Businesses to Consider

For owners or landlords of commercial properties in Toronto, such as retail stores, business buildings, apartments or condos, safety is another key reason to use services for commercial interlock stone sealing from Sealtech. As a business or commercial property owner, you need to consider how maintaining your walkways, driveways, and other outdoor pedestrian or parking areas can prevent hazardous conditions for clients, customers or tenants you serve.

Concrete, stone or brick work that is not properly cleaned and sealed can lead to surface damage resulting in uneven surfaces that can cause people to trip or fall. Your liability as a commercial landlord or property owner is greatly increased when you do not maintain your existing outdoor concrete, stone and brick work with commercial interlock stone sealing. To avoid lawsuits and legal issues stemming from accidents that result in injury, call Sealtech in Toronto to provide you with commercial interlock stone sealing services. Your business’s reputation will be safeguarded and liability from potential accidents will be reduced.

Initial Assessment of Your Commercial Interlock Sealing Needs

As with any project, commercial interlock stone sealing requires several steps to complete the process. At Sealtech, we take this job seriously. If your stone and brick work is not correctly prepped and completed, the results will not turn out appropriately or last over time. A bad job can mean more of your time and expense to fix costly mistakes. With Sealtech’s experts completing your job you can be assured of the highest quality work available for commercial interlock stone sealing in Toronto.

To start, Sealtech technicians will assess the current state of your targeted outdoor areas for cleaning and sealing. They will look for problem areas and address:

  • Existing staining, discoloration, fading or pitting of surfaces.
  • Sand or gravel loss from between the joints of stones and bricks.
  • Vegetation and debris that is found between stones and bricks or upon their surfaces.

You might be wondering what can cause all of these problems. In fact, stains, discolorations and pitting have many causes:

  • The sun’s UV rays and other elements, such as acid rain, can fade the colour or create difficult-to-remove stains on stone and brick surfaces.
  • Chemicals, such as chlorine around pool areas, can deteriorate the surface of concrete, stone and brick pitting them and creating color changes.
  • Parking areas and driveway surfaces are affected by oil and fluids that can leak from the undercarriage of vehicles.
  • Sap, bird droppings, and even some vegetation, like berries, also have the ability to discolour, stain, and permanently pit your stone and brick work areas.
  • Burrowing insects and vegetation, such as moss, algae, weeds and fungus that form long roots and tendrils, can actually crack or dislodge stones or bricks from their foundation.

The trained technicians from Toronto’s Seal Tech will need to evaluate and address these conditions prior to beginning the commercial interlock stone sealing process.

Time to Clean and Seal at Your Commercial Location

After the evaluation of your commercial premises is completed, Sealtech technicians will begin the cleaning process for your interlocking concrete, stone and brick work. This will include:

  • Stain removal using a high powered chemical pressure washer and additional scrubbing heads for tough, set-in stains.
  • Dislodging and removing dirt, debris, and vegetation where needed.
  • Removal of efflorescence, a white powdery substance that builds up on weathered concrete, stone or brick surfaces.
  • Applying polymeric joint sand which acts like flexible mortar to inhibit future erosion, bug infestations and weed growth.
  • Applying 2 overlapping coats of a sealer of your choice, determined by the type of finish you desire.

Choosing Sealers and Finishes

One of the most important considerations for the commercial landlord, property owner, or real estate developer is what type of final look is desired. Sidewalks and driveways or patios in the front of buildings may need a more finished, high polished look to attract customers and clients. Less visible, utilitarian features such as retaining walls or high-use traffic areas around swimming pools may require different applications.

These are the most common types of sealers and finishes to choose from for commercial interlocking stone sealing projects:

Clear Sealer Natural Look – This acts like a coat of clear nail polish over your stone and will not substantially change its appearance. If you already like the way your stone or brick work looks, this is the best choice for you.

Semi-Gloss Wet Look – This sealer contains between 12-15% acrylic post sealing. It imparts a realistic “wet look” to the surface reminiscent of how it might look after it has rained slightly, giving off just a hint of shine.

High-Gloss Wet Look – This sealer has a higher acrylic post sealing content, between 20-25%, resulting in a pronounced shiny “wet look”. The appearance resembles how the surface would look after it has rained fairly hard with intensified shine.

Benefits of Choosing Commercial Interlock Sealing by Seal Tech

Sealtech is your commercial business’s best choice in the Toronto area for commercial interlock stone sealing projects. We provide you with highly trained experts who assess and evaluate your needs for the retail stores, professional businesses, public buildings and residential areas you manage or own. In addition to having highly qualified personnel, the benefits from commercial interlock stone sealing by Seal Tech include:

  • Improved curb appeal for all the concrete, stone, and brick areas cleaned and sealed at your location.
  • Enhanced safety that may prevent accidents or injuries resulting in liability lawsuits.
  • Courteous, reliable, polite personnel who respect and accommodate your time.
  • An excellent rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Good consumer reviews for services rendered.
  • Cost effective, fair pricing.
  • Quality craftsmanship.
  • Results that will increase your property’s beauty and functionality for many years to come.

The success of commercial and residential businesses in the Toronto area are important to us at Seal Tech. We are proud of our work ethic on behalf of our community and eager to provide you with the commercial interlock stone sealing you require for all of your concrete, stone, or brick work areas. Don’t wait until your walk and drive ways, parking areas, patios, retaining walls or other concrete, stone and brick areas deteriorate. Call Seal Tech in the Toronto area today to rejuvenate, restore and maintain all your concrete, stone, and brick work areas with commercial interlock stone sealing. Seal Tech is waiting to hear from you.