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Seal Teach can provide commercial fence sealing to protect and beautify wood structures. Sealing helps prevent damage caused by weathering and other pollutants. Landlords, property managers, and business owners can trust Seal Tech to provide long lasting durability to protect their investment.

Seal Tech recognizes the importance of maintaining an attractive environment for commercial properties. They strive to provide quality service to meet or exceed the customer’s expectation. Seal Tech ensures their customers are well informed of the technical procedures and options available to best accomplish their objectives at a price within their budget. Choosing a qualified professional for commercial fence sealing is critical to guarding against premature deterioration of the wood. Hiring an inexperienced contractor may precipitate additional expense in repairing poor workmanship or structural damage. Seal Tech specializes in commercial fence sealing, and guarantees their work. They are one of the foremost trusted commercial fence sealing professionals in the Toronto area.

A+ Rating

fence-painting-wood-hoarding-toronto-afterfence-painting-wood-hoarding-toronto-beforeSeal Tech has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They understand their customer’s needs, and work closely with them to assure all work is completed to their satisfaction. Their clients have come to trust them due to their many years of experience and high quality craftsmanship. Seal Tech has more than 15 years’ experience in commercial fence sealing. Many of their new clients come through recommendations from satisfied customers. They have come to be known as the commercial fence sealing professionals to call in the greater Toronto area for reliability and exceptional customer service. Seal Tech provides services tailored to the individual needs of each customer, and will arrange a time convenient for the client.

All products used during the commercial fence sealing process are environmentally friendly. Seal Tech professionals are environmentally conscious, and pride themselves in using nonhazardous cleaning agents and procedures. Their practices are aimed at minimizing waste as well as ensuring that chemicals don’t contaminate the soil. Through the use of the latest equipment and time tested techniques, Seal Tech provides businesses with an appealing property that is sure attract clients. The commercial fence sealing specialists at Seal Tech are extremely detail oriented, and ensure the most thorough cleaning and sealing procedures are followed. They maintain open communication with the customer and are available to answer any questions. Seal Tech provides a range of services from small projects to more complicated ones requiring special applications.

The professionals at Seal Tech are focused on providing quality restorative and preventative services to help businesses maintain a professional image. They are aware of the special needs of commercial enterprises. A business that maintains its property makes a good impression on clients. It reflects on the quality of its products and services. Clients are more inclined to work with a business that is well maintained and in good condition because it demonstrates competency. If fences are in disrepair or badly worn, clients assume the business isn’t being cared for properly. The specialists at Seal Tech know the importance of presenting a positive image, and provide the best quality commercial fence sealing service in the Toronto area. Sealant is applied carefully to avoid drips and imperfections. A smooth texture provides an appealing finish to enhance the appearance of the fence.

Property managers know the importance of maintaining pleasant surroundings for tenants in apartment buildings. Properly caring for fences on the grounds can have a positive impact on the residents. Assuring that fences are structurally sound and free from graffiti, promotes an atmosphere of congeniality. It also provides a professional appearance and a sense of credibility of the business. A well maintained fence provides a fresh, clean look that helps reduce vacancies and encourages new tenant applications. Seal Tech’s commercial fence sealing services can revitalize wood and make the fence look new again. They will assure the fence makes a good impression on prospective tenants, and makes existing ones proud to call the apartments home.

Condominium owners trust seal tech for commercial fence sealing

Condominiums may also benefit from commercial fence sealing. It is essential that the exterior of these complexes be kept presentable. Condominiums have high turnover, and therefore frequent showings. Tenants often base their decision on the appearance of the exterior of the building and the grounds. If fences are in disrepair, it gives the impression the complex is not properly cared for. Prospective tenants may also have concerns about the ability to receive needed services and repairs. The aesthetic qualities of the facility become even more important if it is a corporate complex. Tenants will be assessing the condominium’s potential to attract clients. Seal Tech can beautify and preserve wood fencing to help reassure potential tenants that condo is well managed.

A fence is an important asset for a business. It provides privacy and security. It is important for businesses to protect their investment through proper care and maintenance. Seal Tech is dedicated to providing quality commercial fence sealing services that protect and beautify the wood so that the fencing contributes to a safe and pleasant environment. The professionals at Seal Tech are also very conscientious about the safety and cleanliness of the work site. All work areas are monitored frequently to assure they are clean and free from hazards. The specialists at Seal Tech maintain a professional atmosphere to minimize interference with business operations and clients.

Even fences made of pressure treated wood will benefit from commercial fence sealing. Although wood that has been pressure treated contains chemicals to prevent damage from water and insects, UV rays from the sun can cause damage as well. Applying a protective sealer will extend the life of the wood. Chemicals such a copper sulfate and arsenic are used to pressure treat wood. These chemical may be hazardous to those with respiratory disorders. Commercial fence sealing will provide a protective layer to prevent exposure to chemicals, providing a safer environment for customers and employees. Choosing a sealant that is designed for the Canadian climate is also important. Seal Tech specialists are knowledgeable of sealant types, and can select the best one to protect against seasonal changes.

Start by cleaning the wood with power washing

The commercial fence sealing process begins with cleaning the fence. The wood must be prepared prior to applying the sealant. This involves thoroughly cleaning the wood of any dirt, dust or stains to avoid permanently sealing them into the wood. Removal of debris is accomplished with a high pressure cleaning system and environmentally sensitive cleaning agents. Neglecting to clean the fence properly prior to sealing it will result in unsightly blemishes that can only be removed by sanding and re-applying the sealant. In addition, insufficient cleaning may result in unsightly flaking or peeling that leads to early deterioration. In preparation for applying the sealant, the specialists at Seal Tech clean the surface, and sand it to remove damaged wood. The wood is cleaned again after sanding to provide more effective bonding for the sealant. The fasteners are inspected, and replaced if necessary. Once the fence has been cleaned, two coats of sealant are applied. Businesses can rely on Seal Tech professionals for superior workmanship to protect their investment.

Commercial fence sealing is the best way to protect fencing from aging. Untreated wood is susceptible to greying, cracking and splintering. It may also be susceptible to mold, mildew and fungus. Greying is one of the first signs of wood damage from UV rays. Seal Tech uses UV protective sealant to block UV rays from the sun that damage wood fibers. Applying sealant also protects protect against staining, and makes it easier to clean. Seal tech professionals can revitalize wood fencing and prolong its life. Sealant should be applied immediately after construction to provide optimal protection from the elements. Every two or three years, the fence should be inspected to assess the condition of the sealant, and determine if the sealant needs to be re-applied. A Seal Tech professional can provide an inspection of the fence to assure proper maintenance is performed.

Industry Leader

Seal Tech is an industry leader in commercial fence sealing. Their sealing applications can restore wood fences and make them look new again. Clear sealant protects as well as brings out the natural beauty of the wood. In addition, Seal Tech will perform periodic inspections to assure the sealant is still in good condition. They traditionally develop lasting relationships with their clients through their superior service. Seal Tech has built a solid reputation through their many years of experience. They have provided quality commercial fence sealing a number of major corporations such as McDonalds, Jack Astor’s and York University. Seal Tech has become the trusted experts in commercial fence sealing for Toronto and the surrounding area.

Seal Tech’s customer service is second to none. All representatives are trained professionals, and are happy to answer any questions. Their very knowledgeable sales staff is available to speak with customers regarding their projects. They will provide detailed information about what to expect, and give a price quote up front. No project is too big or small. Call Seal Tech today for more information on their commercial fence sealing services, and how it can help protect your investment.