Solve Your Outdoor Problems with Interlock

Having trouble parking your vehicles on the driveway? Need more entertaining space in the backyard? Looking for a more sophisticated look for your entryway?  Fall is the perfect time to solve these problems, so you can make the most of your space after the snow melts. Here’s how you can use interlocking to get the job done.

Extend your driveway

Driveway extensions are near the top of everyone’s to-do list. While poured concrete is the cheaper option, it doesn’t look as nice and requires heavy maintenance. Interlocking, on the other hand, adds beauty to your home and is much more durable. It does need yearly maintenance, but you won’t get the same cracks that you would with concrete. Each paver can be replaced individually, making this maintenance cost-effective as well. Don’t forget, you’ll also need to make sure that your driveway extension is allowed under the city’s by-laws.

Spruce up your backyard

Another great use for interlocking is in the backyard. Most of our yard space is dedicated to grass, but, if you like entertaining, you’re probably wishing you had less grass and more space for seating. Those with dogs and/or kids may want to keep some turf, but most families can get away with having a great deal of their backyard dedicated to interlocking.  Have a party coming up? Interlocking is quick to install and you can walk on it right away. You could have a whole new entertaining space in time for Halloween. Plus, did we mention that maintaining interlock is much simpler than maintaining grass?

Edge your garden

You may be surprised to hear that interlocking is also an ideal choice for the garden. It’s not just for beauty, interlock has practical benefits for gardeners. The pavers have a permeable surface, allowing rainwater to soak through to the ground. So, edging your garden in interlock will allow your plants to access more water. Interlock also has a non-slip surface that makes garden walkways much safer.

Create an entryway

Lastly, you just can’t compete with interlocking to create a beautiful entryway. Your front steps can be decked out in gorgeous yellow stone, a sophisticated black and white pattern, or a classic red brick. Usually, homeowners will opt to extend the entryway with a path made of interlock. You can see more interlock ideas in our gallery.

Remember that it’s not just the choice of material that makes your entryway look great, it’s also the finish you put on that material. We offer three sealers for interlock: clear sealer, semi-gloss, and high gloss. A traditional, country, or eco-style home usually benefits from the natural look clear sealers offer. Most homeowners will love the semi-gloss, which provides a slight “wet look.” For even more shine, our high gloss sealer provides the intensity you’re after.

The verdict on interlocking is clear. For its beauty, ease of maintenance, and safety features, it is the perfect way to fix up your outdoor problems, from the driveway to the garden.

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