Protecting Your Wooden Deck This Winter

As you can tell winter is finally here. Sadly, it’s time to put away your outdoor furniture, lawn decorations, and gardening supplies. But where do you put the items that won’t fit  inside your shed or garage? During the wintertime, just because you can’t put big items like your deck in your shed, doesn’t mean you can’t still protect it from the harsh cold.  

Here are a few reasons why you should protect your wooden deck in the winter so you can enjoy it any time of the year:

Why Is Wood Deck Protection Important?

Building a deck is a long-term investment that requires a lot of work. That’s why wood deck protection is so important. There are two main culprits in altering wood: moisture and frigid temperatures. Moisture is the biggest threat. Wood can shrink, swell and warp when the moisture content changes due to various temperatures. This can cause cracks to form, which in turn can break down the boards on your deck. Frigid temperatures also wreak havoc on wood, since it contains a small amount of water. The boards can contract and shift in cold weather and eventually change shape.

At Seal Tech, we specialize in staining and sealing decks, a critical step in protecting wood against winter damage. Our team uses a high-quality stain and sealant that is made to last. Our clear preservative seals come in a variety of colours and offer UV protection, mildew inhibitor, and water repellent.

It’s a long-term investment to secure your deck against environmental elements – both your deck and wallet will thank you! But, staining and sealing your deck isn’t the only thing you can do to safeguard your wooden deck. Here are our top ways you can protect your deck during winter:

Clean Your Deck

Remove all remnants of summer before the winter comes. Get all the dirt and grime off the wood and clean out any leaves or twigs that may have fallen between the deck boards. Use a bleach-free cleaner that you can attach to your hose, or use a wood-safe scrubber with a handle if you have difficulty removing stains from your deck. When cleaning your deck, take a close look at any areas that might need repair.

Keep Up on Snow Removal

This is probably the most labour-intensive part of winter deck protection. Snow buildup can cause water damage and warping. Use a plastic shovel to clear larger amounts of snow, and use a broom for light dustings. Try and make this part of your snow clearing ritual. Also, don’t use salt to remove ice from your deck as it can damage the wood and lower the effectiveness of the seal.

Weekly Visually Inspection 

Even if it doesn’t snow, make weekly visual inspections of your deck to make sure no branches or other objects have fallen on it. If any dead branches are looming over your deck try and safely remove them when you can.

Give the team at Seal Tech a call if you’re looking for assistance with staining, sealing or caring for your outdoor wooden deck. It’s important to take good care of it throughout the winter so it’s ready to enjoy next spring!

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