How Epoxy Coating Can Protect Your Garage During Winter

You’re probably busy preparing your home to face the harsh winter cold. While your garage may not be as cozy as the inside of your house, it is important that you don’t forget about it during your winter preparation!

Before you pile your garage full of outdoor furniture, playground equipment, gardening tools and your vehicles, consider coating your garage floor with an epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings are cost effective and high quality and therefore have many advantages:

Moisture Resistant

One of the best things about epoxy coatings on garage floors is that they are moisture and stain resistant. This makes the coating an ideal choice for garage floors that are exposed to snow and ice during winter, not to mention a large number of regular spills and leaks. Epoxy coated floors wipe clean like a kitchen counter and therefore create the perfect work space for messy tasks like oil changes.

Prevents Damage

Epoxy coated floors are resistant to impact and abrasion. The coating is designed to make floors durable and strong. This means the floor won’t suffer from the negative effects of impacts from driving heavy equipment such as a lawnmower or tractor into the garage. Likewise, if you drop heavy tools, the epoxy coating will ensure the garage floor remains unaffected.

Low Maintenance

Keeping your garage floor clean helps avoid taking dirt, oil, and grime into your home but a typical concrete garage floor can be difficult to clean. However, when you add an epoxy coating to your garage floor it becomes very easy to clean. All that’s needed is soap and water! Dirt and oil will wash off with ease because the coating is slick and designed to be moisture resistant and stain-free. Epoxy coatings are low maintenance and the easiest way to keep garages clean.  


You may never guess, but benefits of epoxy coatings also increase the brightness of your garage. The optimal high gloss finish reflects more light, making your space look and feel brighter.

Return on Investment

One of the best things about epoxy coatings is it’s a long term investment that will last. It’s specially designed to withstand years by avoiding chemical breakdowns, which will keep your floors protected for many years. As an added bonus, epoxy coatings also contribute to the environment by reducing your need to use nonrenewable resources to completely replace your floor.


An epoxy coating will make your garage floor look more aesthetically pleasing. Instead of dirty and stained floors, you’ll be left with a glossy and clean entranceway into your home.

Winter is a great time to consider applying an epoxy coating. Take into consideration how all these benefits are helpful during the cold season. Epoxy coatings will help make your garage floor more durable and protect it from all the damaging frost, snow, and ice. Contact Seal Tech Inc. or call us at (416)-966-4200 for a free quote and consultation!

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