Top Interlock Sealer Designs and Looks

Your outdoor patio area is a spot where you spend countless hours with friends, enjoying refreshments during the nice summer weather. If you’ve spent money and time creating a beautiful interlock patio, you want to make sure to take the extra step and invest in interlock protection.

Unsealed Interlock patios face a lot of risks: discolouration from  UV rays or pool chemicals, cracking due to freeze and thaw cycles, pitting, sand loss and daily wear and tear are a few of the consequences. Without interlock protection, patios can become stained from dirt, calcium, tree droppings, rust, oil, barbeque grease, or sap. Finally, if it isn’t properly treated it can further lead to fungi, algae, moss, and weed growth which come with invading insects.

So, what can you do?

At Seal Tech Inc. we offer a variety of interlock protection options.

Cleaning & Sealing Will Protect Your Investment

We deliver top-quality cleaning and sealing services to residential and commercial customers to restore and maintain your valuable interlock.

Firstly, before applying the sealant we thoroughly clean the area by using a high-pressure chemical wash and scrub the stones to ensure they are stain and efflorescence free. Then, we remove any existing weeds or vegetation.

From there, we apply a polymeric joint sand that hardens in order to prevent future weed growth, insect infestation and erosion. Finally, we apply a top coat of sealant to the interlock. We offer this sealant in three different finish options to serve a variety of needs and tastes.

Choose a Sealer That Best Matches Your Outdoor Design


The natural sealer is a clear sealer that will not change the appearance of your interlock stone. It will keep your outdoor patio looking identical to the colour it was before any sealant was applied. This option is perfect for people who enjoy a natural feel or the original look of their patio.

Semi-gloss “wet-look”

This sealer contains roughly 12-15% acrylic post sealing, which leaves the stones with a slightly “wet” or glossy appearance. This look can be compared to the look your stone has just after it rains. Overall, your stone will appear a little shiny and a bit darker.

High-gloss “wet look”

Similar to the semi-gloss finish, the high-gloss finish also leaves the interlock looking “wet”. With 20-25% acrylic post sealing, the stone will have an intensified shine. This look is often desired for high-end spaces.

From outdoor furniture to a fire pit area or outdoor cooking space, we understand your outdoor patio space can be a costly expense.  However, without an interlock sealant, your outdoor space can become potentially damaged and deteriorate over time.

Our high quality cleaning and sealing services will make your interlocking a sound investment that will last for years. By protecting your interlock stones you’ll be eliminating future costs of replacing them later on. Contact Seal Tech Inc. for your interlock sealant needs or call us at (416)-966-4200 for a free quote and consultation!

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