5 Reasons Why You Need Interlock Stone Protection

Interlocking often makes a distinct and attractive addition to any property. Whether it’s your driveway or your backyard patio, it’s a great way to impress guests, protect your property from damage and increase the value of your property. Without proper maintenance, your interlocking may start to fall out of place or look weathered, a disappointing outcome for a large investment. However, there is a way to keep your interlocking looking brand new for years to come: protective sealant. If your stone pavers are looking dull consider these five reasons why you should try interlock stone protection:

Interlock protection keeps stones in place

If your interlocking is starting to wobble or shift, an application of polymeric sand and quick application of sealer can recover any deterioration. These steps will make the overall design stronger and more resistant to erosion, chips, or shifts. Properly sealed and maintained interlock stone is less susceptible to major damage or displacement, and cheaper to repair since stones can be easily replaced.

Protects from the elements

The application of both polymeric sand and sealant increase water resistance, preventing it from loosening up the base layer which causes shifting. Interlock protection can also help prevent the buildup of moisture and puddles since it allows the interlock to disperse water like a drain. For those living in colder climates, interlock stone protection can make it easier to maintain and clear your property of snow in the winter. The surface of sealed interlock stone repels the buildup of ice and snow, making it an easy to clear.

Enhances the colour

While your interlocking may face a few minor stains, brushing with mild soap and a brush can easily fix it. However, over time your bricks may begin to fade to a much paler and less appealing shade. Interlock stone protection can revitalize your property, bringing it back to its original colour making it look much shinier and bright.

Prevents weed and debris

Weeds, bugs, dust, dirt, and debris are some of the many culprits that you may find wedged between your interlocking stones. While dirt and dust are removable with a quick sweep or the jet-setting on your hose, bugs and weeds are more of a hassle. Interlocking stone protection coupled with polymeric sand can prevent future debris from spoiling the look of your interlocking property. By filling in the gaps between stones, weeds will have more trouble growing and insects won’t bury underneath. Once sealed, interlock stone protection prevents anything from getting under the stones.

Increases longevity

Interlocking stones that are properly cleaned, maintained, and protected can have a lifespan of up to 50 years. If you stay on top of maintenance and have interlock stone protection applied every couple years, you can enhance the life and look of your interlocking. Polymeric sand and sealant will not only make it more attractive and shiny, they’ll also make it more durable and resistant to the effects of weather and time.
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