Why You Should Consider Epoxy Coatings

Your garage likely serves multiple purposes for your household. Whether you’re storing your tools, a car, or you’re turning it into an extra living space, there’s no reason it can’t look nice too. Epoxy coatings are one of the best ways to clean up your space and give it a clean look. Here are a handful of reasons why it’s worth the investment:

They’re attractive

Epoxy floors are bright and clean, a stark contrast to your typical oil-dripped concrete garage floor. If nothing else, the appearance alone makes them an attractive choice. Epoxy coatings add a smooth, even surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. They are an instant repair to an old, cracking concrete garage floor. An advantage is there isn’t a lot that sticks to epoxy coatings, so between sweeping and mopping, you’ll have brand new floors in no time.

They’re affordable

Epoxy coatings are much more affordable than many alternatives. This is because it can be poured directly on top of your existing garage floor. The process is far less expensive than other alternatives since it’s such a straightforward procedure. While the aesthetic of epoxy coatings is certainly appealing, the price is an immediate advantage for any homeowner.

They’re highly resistant

Epoxy floors are highly resistant to pretty much anything you throw at them. From bleach to gasoline and everything in between, you’d be hard-pressed to find a way to stain your garage floor with an epoxy coating. This is why epoxy coatings are ideal for garages and anything auto related; they’re resistant to spills and stains, yet attractive for when you want to show off the finished product.

Beyond your typical automotive fluids, epoxy floors are resistant to a long list of substances. The coating is heat and water resistant, impervious to most chemicals, and even resistant to bacteria and germs. Whether it’s a garage floor or a medical facility, the resistant nature of epoxy coatings make them useful for a wide variety of applications.

They’re strong

Beyond their resistant surface, epoxy floors last quite a bit longer than many other flooring alternatives. While concrete itself is more durable, epoxy coatings applied to concrete floors make them nearly bulletproof. They require very little work during its application and can be enforced without any glues.

Added Protection

While concrete floors are strong, epoxy coatings provide an extra layer of protection that’s nearly impenetrable. If you have a  damp, cracked, or grease-stained garage floor, you can forget about all these worries after an epoxy coating. An epoxy coating protects your floor from dirt and damage, allowing you to forget about spills or stains. If you do make a mess, cleaning and maintenance costs are extremely cheap, since there is no grout to deal with.

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